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August 16, 2005



to the auther of 'the tunnel'
that very same thing happened to me, accept i didnt see any light, only the bathroom floor. i went to the doctor because i had been having lots of migraines in a short period of time and i wondered if he could tell me how to combat them. i told him i had no insurance and he said he would try to keep cost in mindhe wrote out a prescription and handed it to me, and said "why don't we try one 40mg propranolol twice a day for a while?" so i asked what it did and he told me it was a cheap blood pressure medication that was "very mild." he said it might help, so the next day i took one pill in the morning (around 10am) and by noon i was feeling sick, dizzy, clammy, and my heart was beating very soft, i drank a glass of water and immediately i staggered to the bathroom and started throwing up, i couldn't even stand up for at least 5 hours, i was passing in and out of consciousness and i literally felt like dying. my girlfriend gone out that day to see her friend so there was nobody to take me to the emergency room. i was very scared, but i had accepted death because death couldn't have been any worse than what i was already experiencing.
i dont remember getting up but i do remember waking up in my bed almost 24 hours after i took that stupid pill, and the first thing i did was called that idiot doctor and told him what happened, who told me that was rare and to simply "break the next pill in half" i informed him that i would have nothing to do with that medication ever again, i was tired of him talking to me like i was an ignorant little kid, and being treated like i was over-reacting so i never went back to that quack.
so, to make a long story even longer, i know what you went through and i think something should be done about it.
-another victim of the HELLTH system:
Ben K.


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