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April 15, 2006



That's nice.

How do you feel about the prohibition on weapons? As sheriff, will you sign ATF Form 4's (attesting that you, as sheriff, have no reason to believe that the applicant will use the weapon in an unlawful manner)?

These forms are required for transfers of Title 2 weapons (Machine guns, short barreled shotguns and rifles, and silencers) to individuals ("us", as opposed to "them").

Currently, Machineguns made after May 1986 are probibited from being transferred to "us", meaning older weapons command prices of over 10 times what the government pays for new ones.

Sheriff Bernie issues a not-so-nice letter with signed forms, stating that his signature does not imply his support for us common folk to own the same weapons that the police can bring to bear against us. Many sheriffs simply refuse to sign the forms at all...

How will you handle these requests? Do you believe that the people should have the most effective means of resisting tyranny? Or should we be defenseless against those with more firepower, and the will to use it?

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