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May 23, 2006


Jason Lambert

Hello Don,
I have been living in the metro area for one month shy of a year. I moved from the south, but I always had family roots in the great northwest. Anyhow, if I had been a resident of The State for long enough, YOU would have got MY vote!!! I agree with everything you stand for. I just hope you run for sheriff 4 years from now. I am patient. After all, I'm waiting for '08 to get that piece of s#@* out of office in washington.
I am thankful to at least live in a "Blue" state, or county for that matter, after growing up in the right wing bible belt of the south. Keep up the good fight, Don!!!!!!!

disgusted in polk county

Good luck getting any newspaper in Oregon to print the truth when it involves any type of law enforcement and/or corruption. Your right they are not interested in the truth at all. Good luck getting investigations in to corruption of any kind in oregon. Lots of ostriches live in this state, I have met alot of them in responsible positions.

Keep on reporting the truth!!! Someone needs too. Main stream media won't.

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