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July 22, 2006


John Larson

Hello Don.../Oct 31st 06/Happy Halloween!

I am an one of many who are VERY grateful
for yout comments on so many pressing topics.
Although most of us can completely agree with you and do understand...
Please Sir, NEVER-EVER stop reminding us.
I think the connection with the Bush family
with Eli Lilly on Marinol (said in this Marinol Madness story) is only one of two that many of us do know about. But how many know that they were also holding controlling stock at one time when they pushed Dolophine-Methadone massively onto
us and the ones we love? One thing to note: It is a really bad pain med and you are so right when you said (on the Can.Common Sense-Oct 27th 06 Show Basically triple the addictive powers. With roots in hell when we recall when and who pushed his chemists hard (giving them I think 7-10 days) to come up with this nasty substance!
No simple dependance there... just sheer and pure ADDICTION that as you know leaves once a wreck
for many months if not years. As you have so rightly stated: "to become as though you even feel right in one's own skin".

At the end of World War Two (as you probably know) they found one of Hitler's top staff locked up in a huge warehouse of the stuff/hoping to wait out the war and not get caught. (Sorry, I can't recall this war criminals name at the moment... but he was one of Hitler's top three for sure.)

Back to the Bush family:
If we went back to those days of record profits at Eli Lilly... surely we would find a slew of many other examples of other addicting and severly damaging phamaceuticals ol'George and family pushed hard in their efforts to make stupid Millions-Billions? at the expense of those SO in need of help... and in their minds lesser than them.
I find that criminal in nature. When anyone capitalizes out of pure unadulterated greed to
those who are considered by them to be worthless
or beneath them... SHAME on people like this indeed!
Did you hear about Bush sending his daughter Jenna to Paraguay with their gamily laywers to purchase 100,000 acres there? The land sits on top of one of the world's largest gas reserves/Plus, either on some of this purchased land or next to it is also one of the world's latgest amounts of fresh water too. Sadly, his children fear to question their own father's and the Bush family in general decisions. I suppose I understand that they almost have to go along with this madness all due to not being cut off from the powerful lifestyle they were born into and are now addicted to.
Geez, just how many Millions/and Billions does one have to have to live just a basic comfortable life??? Apparently, with this bunch, they will never be satisfied eh?

I love everything you have written and all you continue to write and say on the great Can.Common Sense Show.Also I want to Thank You on how swell you treated my dear wife about 2 weeks ago when she came into clinic.

I have told you this years ago from when we 1st met and many times thereafter too... You certainly do deserve SO much credit for your non-stopping "Putting it in all of our faces". Please never stop dear comrad in arms. Say my brother... of excellent wisdom may I be so bold to ask, just when can we ALL get together to start-up some hoopla for all of us who silently suffer from Hep-C? I do know and Thank You for the many times you have spoke to this "tip of the iceberg" serious and pressing topic. However, I do think that we need to start building up some vehicle to draw more attention ro what will become "THE" disease of the 21st century. Far-out surpassing HIV/AIDS. Especially when this veil of hiding the true facts is finally lifted once and for all. Possibly when this truth comes out of just how many of us who are presently infected and those who will become infected breaks...Then and ONLY then will we get much more research coming our way. We have to demand it... just like those in the AIDS movement did with their unlimited courage which absolutely rocked this world with their non-stoppable force. We need our shared disease of Hep-C to have that same caliber of action! Don't you agree?

Everytime I go in for a blood test to check my enzyeme levels, I never forget to mention: "Oh, by the way... even though I know you folks who are drawing my blood are highly trained and skilled-I still want to go the extra step to tell that I do have Hep-C... so please be careful"
They really are grateful and whatever "Stigma"
they may have had simply fades. Plus, I always ask about what they think/what they have witnessed firsthand:
Asking them if they do know just how much this disease is soaring... but in a silent way.
everyone I have asked... along with the many pharmacists I have spoken to all know precisely how HUGE and put on the back burners (So to speak) this disease has become.
Research is stalled and only 2 drugs of like-kind exist. When one goes to say The American Liver Foundation online... nothing changes and I've checked back into all of these Liver sites over the years that seem stuck in time with not even a crumb of informational hope. Not to mention this so-called possible cure (Interferon & its newer cousin drug) which the pharma-crooks say strip the entire bloodstream of all the Hep-C virus is super expensive and from what I know is no picnic in taking the treatment with Interferon or its newer cousin drug. Far too many infected who I've personally spoken with (including Doctors) say that their so-called cure is worse than just living with this disease the best we know how to.
If you think your nausea and lack of ability to eat to nourish oneself is bad now... they say most don't complete the course of treatment due to just beyond description side effects. Thank our dear heavenly father for medical mary jane !!!

So what to do... dear comrad? Surely you've done more than your part in bringing awareness already and I do sincerely Thank You. However, we must do SO much more to get this deadly message out.
As said... just like ALL the HIV/AIDS activists did years ago and continue to do in their struggle to not let their rightous cause die.
Again... I personally Thank You SO much!
Most respectfully, John Larson... P.S. We here voted for you and we got most of our neighbors, friends and family to vote for you too sir.
Hopefully, you and I will still be around for your next shot at becoming the revolutionary, honest Sheriff we all know you could and would without doubt consistently be. Hats off to you and may our dear Lord keep us ALL healthy enough to see that day.
THANK YOU and do take GREAT care of yourself and your dear kind lady Ramona. Very Grateful, J.L.

Cara Fletcher

It's really disgusting that the big pharma companies are making profit from such problems like depression and they even sell huge amounts in Iraq.And on the other hand the meds for depression have many side effects which makes them not so healthy for us.

Gene Faber

I take 5 mg marinol and for 90 gels It cost $ 1,248.00 per month


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Why I Should Be Able To Smoke Marijuana Legally In USA
I have a prescription for Marinol , but there is only 2mg of synthetic THC (and no other cannabinoids mixed in, the marijuana plant has over 20 different variations of cannabinoids that may make the difference) are in each tablet and too get the same calming feeling I get from a 1/4 gram joint (one normal tobacco cigarette contains about a gram of plant material) I have to take about 5 to 10 Marinol pills (about $75 per dosage). If I am not feeling well and I feel nauseous, then I cannot swallow the pills easily whereas I can still smoke some "weed" (as long as I do not over do it and start coughing and gagging). Now this 2mg Marinol pill costs about $8 US whereas it only costs me about $0.20 (20 cents) for the same amount in the "devil weed" (each gram of marijuana contains about 50 - 75mg of THC and costs me 10 bucks, 50mg of Marinol would cost about $200.00 US). If I was allowed to grow my own marijuana plants for medical use, it would only cost me 1 cent (or less) a MG to produce.

I have AIDS (got HIV from open heart surgery in the 1980s when I was a teenager) and often I do not feel that great in the mornings or after taking medications. Marijuana will make me feel better if I smoke (vaporizer is the safest way to smoke it) some within 5 minutes. Also, synthetic THC that is legal to prescribe by doctors somewhat works (not as well though and it takes 2 to 3 hours for the effects to be noticed and appreciated). Seems like a scam that I can legally have THC from a pharmaceutical company (inflated 1000 times the retail "street price" or 50,000 times more cost that for me to produce my own) but I cannot grow my own (I guess the pharmaceutical companies make the rules so their profits are not threatened). I feel the pharmacies are taking advantage of sick people like me and trying to get every alst cent from em before I expire!

Sure you can possibly get cancer from smoking weed in a cigarette form, but there are many alternatives that cut the risk to almost nothing or have no cancer risks at all. For example, eating it is actually good for you, it's basically a vegetable high in vitamins and antioxidants (but the effects take 1 to 2 hours to notice, whereas smoking or vaporizing THC you feel the effects in 2 minutes). You can vaporize it with a contraption that heats the THC crystals just enough that the evaporate, but the leafy plant material does not burn (the carcinogens are in the burnt plant material, so if you do not actually burn the plant then no dirty carcinogens). THC can be extracted into oils (THC is not water soluble, but it can be mixed in alcohol to make a spray) like butter, than spread on toast or used in cooking. There is also ways of spraying THC remedies in your mouth (leave it sit for a few minutes without swallowing) and the membranes in your mouth will absorb it directly to your blood stream). You can also stick marijuana up your butt (anally inserted), but this method I would never try (yuck).

Many people claim that "pot" makes people useless and lazy. Well with me, without marijuana I am actually a dull, lazy and unproductive person who would rather watch TV all day as an escape. With some THC in my system, I get to work on my home business and make it grow or feel more sociable to spend time with my family. Other people claim that pot makes you an insance rapist, for me, I would rather work on my home business than to get "laid". Other people think it causes craziness, well I am more crazy and manic without it, I will easily over react without THC wheareas with pot I think more about things before I react (it slows me down).

-clears up (or masks) nauseau caused by AIDS or medications.
-helps with my depression. I smoke a bit and my worries do not seem so bad (now I can actually think about solving them rather than panicking). I also get more motivated to do repetitive tasks (like a job) or do things I would rather find too boring to even start.
-when I feel manic or over stimulated, a few puffs of marijuana will calm me right down. It's like taking a Xanax or Valium that works in 3 minutes instead of 35 minutes (Xanax takes a long time to work, seems even longer when you are having a panic attack).
-helps me as a pain reliever that is fast acting (no 45 minute like with taking Vicoden), only takes a couple minutes for the effects to come on if inhaled THC through lungs or absorbed by mouth.

Even though I have a prescription for Marinol, I from time to time buy street weed, but I would much rather grow it myself so I know its not contaminated or moldy. I do not use Marinol very often (usually go without the THC helpers) as I have to pay the full cost out of pocket (no coverage with insurance) and there is no way I can afford to use $150 to $200 of legal pharmaceutical THC daily (would only cost $10 a day with illegal weed, or would only cost $1 a day if I grew it myself).

Not only should I be able to smoke marijuana for medical purposes, I believe that is should be made legal for everyone! There are over 20,000,000 Americans in jail for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and it takes $45,000 a year to detain them, there's 900 billion dollars ($900,000,000,000.00) of tax payers money wasted every year (almost a trillion dollars). If marijuana was legal, it would be like the end of prohibition, no more "Al Capone's" would be killing over territories and running things. It costs about $1 to produce a gram of marijauna and the governemnt could add a $5 tax to it and then stores could sell it for $10 to $15 for the same gram. Concidering that over 30,000,000 Americans use pot each week (2 to 20 grams used per person), the governments could easily make $400,000,000 extra a month in taxes (that's $4.8 billion a year). Also think about all the money that would be saved on enforcing the marijuana rules (cops could actually go after bad guys and real criminals for a change).

A recent government survey tells us: Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States. Over 83 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once. Over 12 million had used the drug in the month before the survey. Another survey, which is conducted yearly, includes students from 8th, 10th, and 12th grades. In 2001, the survey showed that 20 percent of 8th-graders have tried marijuana at least once, and by 10th grade, 20 percent are “current” users (that is, used within the past month.) Among 12th-graders, nearly 50 percent have tried marijuana/hash at least once, and about 22 percent were current users.

Written by the founder of

tim D, M.D., Ph.D.

I am prescribed 60 Marinol per month. I have NO insurance, and was denied for medicaid/medicare because they said I do not qualify, even though I am broke. WTF? Anyway, this Marinol costs a WHOPPING 20$ per pill!! or $1,200 for 60 pills! I also have a prescription for medical marijuana for the same reason. That costs me just $180 per month! Plus, the medical marijuana is more effective, has less side effects, and you can easily adjust the doseage to only what you need, unlike marinol pills which you must take the entire pill.

The DEA says "there already is medical marijuana and it is called Marinol". Yeah, right. Those same DEA agents get federal benefits like federally funded health insurance at taxpayer expense. They CAN afford the Marinol. The fact is, MOST of us cannot. At 20$ per pill, are they joking?

I am sticking with my medical cannabis, thank you.

Jose Melendez

Each of the more than 800,000 annual arrests for marijuana possession nationwide is based on the canard that cannabis and cannabinoids are lawfully listed in Schedule I, having "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision".

Is the above statement true, or false?


- Marinol is a Schedule III synthetic chemical that works almost identically to THC, a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. It is administered at essentially 100% strength, that's up to 5 times more powerful than the strongest available black market strains.

- Generically named Dronabinol, the $1000 (or more, as commeented earlier) per month medication comes with warnings that specifically PERMIT driving and using machinery when users know how the medicine affects them.

- On October 7, 2003, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded patent #6630507* to the Department of Health and Human Services, acknowledging an accepted medical use in treatment for cannabinoids, and detailing a wide variety of safe, acceptable uses under medical supervision for which their "inventions" applied.

Surely it is not legal to continue arresting millions of Americans on the basis of a demonstrably false claim?


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I agree with the elimination that George Herbert Walker Bush conducted the elimination of medical marijuana is an abuse of the citizens of this drug consumption


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